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Follicle Lab is a 3-Step System that uses scientifically tested technology to help provide fuller, thicker and healthier looking hair. All products contain CapiGro Complex, an innovative and clinically proven active ingredient specifically developed to target the main causes of hereditary hair thinning. Folliclelab 3 Step Hair Stimulating System is a scientific solution for natural hair growth that increases hair density by up to 46% in just four months, which is nearly twice the hair than one earlier had. It is the surest way towards, thicker, stronger fuller and healthier looking hair. Folliclelab 3 Step Hair Stimulating System comes with:- • Follicle Stimulating Shampoo • Hair Densifying Treatment Spray • Stimulating Serum. Along with the Folliclelab hair care treatment, you’ll also receive the special rubber tip brush designed to increase blood flow to the scalp for promoting an ideal environment for hair growth. With the Follicle Stimulating Shampoo, a Hair Densifying Treatment Spray and a Hair Growth Stimulating Serum, Folliclelab works in three easy steps. Step 1- Reinvigorate - the Follicle Stimulating Shampoo acts as a rich cleanser to help stimulate scalp microcirculation. This Shampoo should ideally be used as a daily hair and scalp cleanser. It is enriched with 1% Capigro complex and invigorating Caffeine and Guarana extract, and works synergistically with Stimulating Serum and Hair Densifying Treatment Spray. The 1% Capigro complex in the Follicle Stimulating Shampoo prevents hereditary thinning of hair. Step 2- Restore- the Hair Densifying Treatment Spray with 5% Capigro complex is clinically proven to increase hair density with no drugs and no side effects. This ensures thicker, stronger, fuller and healthier looking hair and increases hair density by up to 46% within just four months of use. Apply 5 sprays during mornings everyday on dry or shampooed and towel dried hair. Massage with fingertips and do not rinse. Use every day for 4 months for best results Step 3- Renew- Folliclelab Stimulating Serum, enriched with 1% CapiGro complex, a multivitamin complex and a stimulating agent is a daily scalp serum to awaken and energize the scalp to provide ideal conditions for natural hair growth. As it is massaged on to the scalp, it promotes micro circulation. Using the Folliclelab Stimulating Serum keeps the follicles clear and open to facilitate ideal conditions for healthy natural hair growth. Apply the serum on the scalp every day in evenings before going to bed. Gently massage on to the scalp and do not rinse out. In just a single usage of Folliclelab 3 Step Hair Stimulating System, hair appears thicker and feels fuller. Within a couple of weeks of usage, one sees some effective results in terms of hair growth. Clinical testing proves Capigro complex from Folliclelab increases hair density by 46% after four months. That’s nearly twice the hair in just four month time. These are real results you can see and feel in your own hair.


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