Ultra Care Metal PYR Teeth Comb

Ultra Care Metal PYR Teeth Comb

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  • High quality stainless steel metal lice comb expertly designed so they glide through the scalp and hair easily unlike other combs
  • This comb is designed for easy access to the hair roots where lice and eggs and nits are located
  • Long – pin comb for NITS
  • This comb is designed for maximum effectiveness by removing multiple nits with every pass through the hair
  • 100% effective and safe
  • Long and short metal comb excellent for thick, fine and thin hair which helps untangle hair and massage the scalp
  • Best solution for prevention of lice and nits infestation and help rid of lice from spreading and have a nit free head compared to terminator lice comb
  • Can be used for baby and adults
Ultra Care Metal PYR Teeth Comb
Ultra Care Metal PYR Teeth Comb

Lice  Comb  with hand and magnifying Professional and Fine –tooth comb

Directions for use :

Shampoo to lice controlling shampoo Separate  two centimeters of hair and place the teeth of Ultra care comb as close to the scalp as possible .

Comb away from the scalp . repeat this procedure until the entire head has been combed , comb on damp or dry hair , whichever works best for you .

To clean the comb : Use a brush ( as old toothbrush works well ) to remove debris , rinse and clean with warm ( not boiling ) soapy water continue to inspect for nits for at least 2 weeks .

Distributor in USA Ultra care . Chicago , USA / Made in China


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