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Novalac AD 600gm

Novalac AD 600gm

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Novalac AD 600gm

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A preparation for special medical purposes in cases of infantile and child-borne illnesses from birth.

Novalac AD 600gm
Novalac AD 600gm Novalac AD 600gm

Special Formula for infant Diarrhoea

It improves the consistency of stools, combining proper diet with low osmolality.

High salt content and high calorific value.

Acceptable taste.

Without lactose, sucrose and gluten.


Wash and sterilize the bottle, nipple and all the utensils you will use.

Boil fresh fresh water for 5 minutes and allow to cool to almost 40 ° C.

Fill the bottle with the correct amount of water.

Add the correct amount of powder using the measuring tape on the packaging.

Close the bottle by placing the stopper and shake well until the powder is completely dissolved. Remove the cap and place the nipple removed.

Allow the contents to cool until it becomes warm. Try the temperature of the milk, dripping a few drops inside your wrist.

Close the box after each use with the lid provided. Store in a cool, dry place protected from light.

Use within 3 weeks of opening. Do not use after the expiry date printed on the pack.

Do not prepare the bottle in advance, but always before use. The milk must be consumed within one hour of the preparation. Discard after each meal the amount of milk remaining in the bottle.

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