Nimed Bio Napkin Night

Nimed Bio Napkin Night

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Nimed Bio Napkin Night
Nimed Bio Napkin Night Nimed Bio Napkin Night Nimed Bio Napkin Night

Nano-Silver - is non-antibiotic bactericidal which can eliminate all forms of bacteria and fungi by preventing their reproduction. There is no next generation and recurrence of resistant organisms.

Far Infrared - Possesses amazing benefits to human body. It penetrates the body up to 14 cm and improves the blood circulation, therefore, strengthen the cells in the genital area, remove toxins, improve metabolism, balance PH levels and improve the immune system.

Negative Ions- Releases non-stop high concentration of negative ion rays which is absorbed by the body and increase the oxygen contents in the blood, which improves absorption and utilization, decrease blood cohesion and delays blood clotting time.

Negative ions helps remove blood clots stored for many days, therefore, the ovary can be repaired. The inflammation and bad smell disappear within few days. 

SAP Crystals - Provides powerful absorption, transforming liquids into gel, thus, no leakage, wetness and discomfort.

Ultra soft breathable bottom sheet – The ultra-soft sheet keeps your skin in contact with air, removes heat and moisture that keeps you feeling clean and dry.

Ultra soft cotton surface - Ultra soft cotton surface layer, made especially to protect your delicate skin from friction, sensitivity and back flow thus giving you the
feeling of dryness and freshness

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