How i know the products are genuine and it is not fake product ?

All our products are listed after going through the vendor’s registration process and after verifying Eachproductis registered under the respective authority. Strict action will be taken to the vendors Who listed the unbranded items and unauthorizeditems.

How i know these products are registered under the respective countries regulatory authorities?

The authorities have issued a Registration document or number, this is what we verify and include in the event if the customer or authorities want to know this will be make available to them for enquiry products.

I successfully purchased a product what next ...?

Congratulation on your purchase with Please wait for your turn, our customer support will call you to verify your address and order to ship to your address and also provide with the tracking details if applicable.

What is the standard Delivery time of the products?

As our standard practice the shipment will be delivered between 3 to 7 days for the items bought on; However delays might occur for a various reasons but not limited to volumes, miscommunication and delay from our vendor ; please accept our apology for the unseen delays. and contact our support team with order ID for further help.

What if the product is not delivered?

Due to some unforeseenreasons, the items might not have delivered; we confirm that you will get the full refund of the item of the same medium in case of Card payment and cash delivery invoices will be cancelled.

What is the difference in and the traditional market place?

We are an online promotion website, who merchandize the vendors products and sell their products online, so the vendor makes you available the product in an easy medium with best possible rate.

In terms of service what is the difference if i buy a product from medisouq and traditional market place ?

The service will be same as buying the vendors product through their authorized store or through All our sellers, Marketplace and Retail have to adhere to the same high standards of service and authenticity of their advertised merchandise. Our customer support team is there to help you with unconditional support. We also welcome your suggestions and feedback through our contact us page..

The product delivered is not what i orderedfor; what to do next?

Don’tworry; Please contact our customer support within 3 days, this will be returned and replace with The correct order without any extra cost.

What is the return policy in

Simply, if you wish to return an item for any reason or if you've had a change of mind, you could do so for all items bought on our website within Three (3) days of the date of purchase, so long as the item(s), any related accessories and/or tools and components – along with the Original Packaging - is in the original state and condition when purchased and received. Additionally, for any Medisouq purchase(s) you get an even extended Return Policy up to fourteen (14) Days from the date of purchase, so long as the item(s), any related accessories and/or tools and components – along with the Original Packaging - is in the original state and condition when purchased and received.

What is the refund policy?

We offer you comfortable shopping experience, you can cancel the order; if you change your mind; and the payment will be refunded to your account with or to you payment card whichever is advised. The amount may take time to reflect in the account since the bank takes time. You will be deducted with only the shipping fees.

What is the guaranteeorwarranty offers ?

Each vendor has different policies and procedures based on product to products;if the product is purchased from our own vendor stores; the product is applicable for 1 year guarantee from the date of purchase. For market place; it depends on vendors to vendors and medisouq is not responsible for the Vendor’s policies.

Why do we produce our Credit/ Debit card and passport copy? How safe it is?

We give utmost importance to your data protection as much as ours, as well as all our buyers to ensure that an item bought on using electronic means such as Credit or Debit cards is genuinely the card of the actual buyer and not related to a lost, stolen or fraudulently-used card. In effect it is an extra layer of verification as part of our secure shopping environment and authentication process and security levels.

Why my complaints are not resolved?

Your complete satisfaction is our primary goal, and you can still re-open the complaint or contact the Customer Service Team through the Contact Us page.