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Doctor on Call - Tele-Consultation at your home, office or hotel

Doctor on Call - Tele-Consultation at your home, office or hotel

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Doctor Tele-Consultation

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Doctor on Call - Video-Consultation is a customized care in the comfort of your home, hotel and office.

Established in Dubai for the sole purpose to provide a world class service with a team of highly qualified, licensed professionals (Doctors, Nurses and Physiotherapists)

Please book appointments using Medisouq App / Online Store / Call (touch or click the number)

Whatsapp 056 499 1356

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Doctor on Call - Tele-Consultation
Doctor on Call - Tele-Consultation

Get Better with Medisouq!

DHA licensed, qualified Doctor On Tele-Consultation (Video) Healthcare Service in Dubai.

We provide Tele-Consultation (Video) with Doctor at the comfort of your home, office or hotel rooms.

Booking is done through Medisouq App / Online Store / Call.

Video Consultation can be arranged in less than 2 hrs on prior booking.

Medisouq provides services staffed by passionate team consisting of DHA Licensed Medical Practitioners well equipped to deal with all kinds of ailments at your doorsteps.

Our Doctor on Tele-Consultation service in Dubai provides you with experienced healthcare professionals who are fluent in Arabic, English who provide you with a personalized medical care with just one click / call away. 

After Tele-Consultation with Doctor, medicine can be delivered at your doorstep as prescribed, to relieve stress for long queues or unavailability of the medicine.

Benefits :

Doctors on-call are great for elderly patients, pregnant women and persons with disabilities

No Exposure to Other Sick Patients

No physical trip to the doctor, urgent care clinic, or emergency department.

No waiting rooms or rushed appointments. 

No conflicts of scheduling with work since appointments are after hours.

Dedicated Attention to lower your Anxiety Less Risk of Developing Serious Conditions Lower Re-Admission Rates.

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