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As we all know that First Aid is the most important thing to do during an emergency. The World First Aid Day is observed on 12 September every year to create awareness about the importance of first aid in preventing injuries and saving lives. First Aid on the whole counts as any emergency treatment or medical assistance given to an injured or unwell person, before normal medical aid can arrive. Across the globe, people act immediately to help the person injured in whatever way they can help them. Getting to know and having a little knowledge of basic First Aid is incredibly important for everyone. Save them all do all that you can do because you cannot just pass by on the face of an emergency. On the day make it a point to learn and get the right training that is necessary but most importantly is the first aid that starts within your family and your surroundings. Take an extra effort to train yourself in the smallest way you can. The World First Aid day can be utilised positively by learning and spreading the knowledge you have to others. Start with having a first aid kit in your house and then you can also help train other people around you and make the know the importance of first aid in our day to day life.  


Ten must-have things in your first aid kit 

  • BandAid- Used for minor injuries
  • Plasters- In a variety of different sizes and shapes.
  • Safety Pins- To tie and hold up the bandage
  • Ointments and creams- Apply on the hurt place
  • Cotton- Used to clean wounds 
  • Antiseptic solution - To clean wounds
  • Scissors - To cut 
  • Distilled water - To clean wounds
  • Coconut Oil - Used for small wounds
  • Tablets - Paracetamol, cold, cough, painkillers etc.


Few tiny steps in training at the time of an emergency

  • How to stop a bleeding injury- Bleeding can be stopped by applying pressure to the wound, ideally with a sterile cloth. Also raising a wounded limb over the heart will help slow down the heavy bleeding.
  • Hands-Only CPR- Placing the hands over the victim’s heart and pushing to the beat of ‘ Staying Alive’ is a simple technique that could save a life.
  • Chocking ( Heimlich manoeuvre)- This technique helps to save a person who is chocking. Ask the victim if they are chocking first, in an emergency they will not be able to tell. Stand behind them and wrap your arms behind them, place a fist between their rib cage and belly button and place your other hand over the fist. Deliver a quick thrust upwards and keep doing this until it is dislodged. This Technique is used on for adults as there are other techniques for infants and adults.

                              Let’s Learn, Help and Save Lives.

Published at: 30-09-2020

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