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This is what tobacco does to your oral health


This is what tobacco does to your oral health

Tobacco consumption is a habit that’s hard to let go of because it relaxes your mind and body. However, tobacco does a lot more harm to your body than you might expect. Apart from health risks such as COPD, heart disease, stroke, and cancer, tobacco causes oral and throat cancers. 

Whether you roll it up or smoke them like cigarettes, below are a few ways that could irreversibly damage your oral health. 

Bacterial infections

If you’re a regular smoker, you might be more prone to bacterial infections. This is because smoking causes reduced blood flow to the gums, thereby increasing the risk of infections. If you suspect oral health risks, it might be wise to consult your dentist immediately. Additionally, you could use oral treatment products from an online pharmacy. This will help reduce the effects until your dentist prescribes a permanent solution to the risk.

Oral Precancer

The use of oral tobacco causes precancers that are treatable if diagnosed in the early stages. Oral precancers occur as growth along the lines of the mouth or oral cavity. So far, the only cure for this condition has been surgeries. 


Gingivitis is a condition that causes inflammation of the gum tissue. This usually occurs when plaque builds up and when you smoke often without proper care for oral health. Luckily, in Dubai, there are specialist periodontists who can treat this condition at minimal prices.

Burning Sensation

Burning mouth syndrome is a condition that flares up the skin of the mouth. The natural cure is the saliva production in your mouth. However, more smoking leads to dryness and less saliva production, in turn increasing the symptoms of BMS.

Loss of teeth

Studies show that smokers are 3-6 times more likely to lose their teeth. The tobacco irritates the gum tissue and over time causes it to weaken. Losing of teeth can happen anytime during the smoking phase. Nevertheless, using standard products from an online pharmacy and a regular visit to the dentist will help in maintaining your oral health.

Published at: 20-07-2021
Tags: oral care tobacco oral hygiene

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