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COVID-19 and children: Concerned Parents Guide


COVID-19 and children: Concerned Parents Guide

The COVID-19 virus outbreak has caused a major panic in parents who are constantly worrying about their kids' safety. Children are also at a risk of contracting the virus like adults and with vaccination not being eligible for them yet, it is very important to ensure their safety at all times. 

How to keep your children safe from COVID-19? 

COVID-19 has caused widespread panic among parents and in case you're anxious if your children might contract the virus, here are 3 simple steps to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Personal Hygiene

This is the right time to train your kids on how to maintain personal hygiene. Ensure that they practice to wash their hands, face and legs regularly and in the right way. Teach your kids the importance of sanitizers and to use them regularly. Frequently wash their clothes with warm water and avoid letting them repeat their clothes. Ensure that your kids wear masks every time they step outside. Safety Precautions for COVID-19 should begin at home which is why it's important to regularly disinfect your home and keep your surroundings clean. 

Social Distancing

Teaching kids about social distancing and ensuring that they're following it can be a herculean task. It is best to avoid any sort of gathering to keep your children safe. Encourage your kids to play indoor games such as board games, puzzles, scrabble, Jenga etc. You can also introduce your kids to the world of books and cultivate in them the habit of reading. This could also be converted into a fun family activity with role play. 

Be transparent in communication:

Kids in general are always curious while dealing with something new and due to the pandemic, the rules have been constantly changing which makes them even more curious. Try and be as transparent as possible with your children when they ask questions regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. Gain their trust through positive and honest communication. Ensure that they don’t feel stressed by constantly communicating with them. Schools should make it mandatory to watch coronavirus video for students in simple terms so that they have a better understanding of the disease. 

Did You Know? 

A recent study has discovered that children ask their mothers around 200-300 questions everyday.

As parents, it is important to keep yourself healthy and happy. Happier the parents, happier the children. During tough times like these, we have to keep ourselves motivated and engaged to avoid any sort of stress or sickness.


Published at: 24-11-2021
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