Dentinox Teething Gel

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    Effective relief for teething pain.
    Suitable for: From birth onwards
    Active ingredients: Lidocaine Hydrochloride, Cetylpyridinium Chloride


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When babies are cutting new teeth, many of them will experience some discomfort. Sometimes, it can be quite distressing for baby – and that’s distressing for you too, especially when it leads to sleepless nights and troublesome feeding times.

Naturally, when baby’s miserable, all you want to do is help – which is why Dentinox Teething Gel proves reassuring.

All you need to do to ease discomfort, is to rub a little of the pleasant tasting gel onto baby's gums with a clean fingertip or cotton wool. What a relief - for you and for baby.

  • Suitable from birth
  • Numbs pain
  • Helps eliminate infection
  • Pleasant tasting
  • Sugar-free

Always read the label.

A little about Teething:

  • Some teeth come through with no trouble; in other cases, the gum may be sore and red where the tooth is pushing through.
  • Signs of teething include dribbling, gnawing and chewing a lot. Of course, if baby’s also tearful and reluctant to feed, it’s likely that teething is proving uncomfortable.
  • It can be helpful to give baby something quite firm to chew on. Teething rings that can be cooled in the fridge can be soothing.




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